PERFORMER Martin P. Robinson
DEBUT 1988

Gary Grouch is a gray Grouch who has appeared as a background character on Sesame Street. He was a contestant in The Alphabet Game, where his winning method he used is by losing, but kept making his mark by accident.

Since The Alphabet Game, Gary has often appeared in segments among other Grouches, such as in "Oscar's Junk Band" (where he was performed by David Rudman), "Happy Birthday to Me," and in episode 3300. He also made a cameo appearance in A Muppet Family Christmas.


  • Gary was one of the oldest Grouch puppets used on the show, from the early 1980s. He has previously been used for Othmar the Grouch.
  • It was mentioned in The Alphabet Game that his origin is from Muddy Falls, Montana.

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