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Some of the Gelflings from the Resistance

The Gelfling Resistance was a rebel movement led by the young warrior Rian during the Age of Division. It was composed of the Gelfling, the Arathim, and later the Maudras.



The Resistance began when Rian, a young guard from The Castle of the Crystal, discovered that the Skeksis were draining Gelfling to slow their aging process. After discovering a dark secret, Rian and Gurjin betrayed the Skeksis and fled the castle, joining Naia, Tavra and Kylan.

The Resistance's first members were Rian, Brea, Deet, Gurjin, Naia, Kylan, Tavra and Hup.

Recruiting Gelfling

After his failure with Maudra Fara, Rian fled to the Endless Forest. There he met Deet, who taught him how to light a fire pit.

Rian met Naia, Tavra and Kylan in a Podling hut, taking shelter from a storm. Rian dreamfasted with them, and they've understood all the truth behind the Skeksis.

After escaping from SkekSil, Rian dreamfasted with his friends Naia, Tavra, Gurjin and Kylan. Fortunately, he did it at the same time as Brea and All-Maudra Mayrin, and as Deet and Seladon. All of them entered in the Dream Space, exactly where Aughra was. Aughra told them that they must light the Fires of the Resistance for the end of the Skeksis empire and the for end of the Darkening.

However, Seladon did not accept opposing the Skeksis lords and called Aughra a power-hungry witch, so she removed her from Dream Space. But All-Maudra Mayrin was murdered by SkekVar because of her betrayal, so Seladon proclaimed herself the new All-Maudra.

Mayrin killed by SkekVar

After the failed Stonewood Rebellion against the Skeksis and All-Maudra Seladon, she begged SkekSo not to drain the Stone-in-the-Wood paladins. But the answer was just "Hummm... No!" and generated a lot of laughs from them. After facing the harsh truth about the Skeksis, Seladon joined the Resistance.