Geni Sackson (full name Eugenia Sackson) has worked on many Sesame Street and Muppet-related albums and audio productions, usually as producer or director.

She produced many of the Muppet Music titles from 1984, including The Muppets Take Manhattan audio adaptation, The Case of the Missing Mother, and Gonzo and the Giant Chicken.

For Sesame projects, she was heavily involved with the About Music series, producing or directing most of the entries, as well as other audio releases in the 1990s. She was the creative director for the Muppet Babies album Rocket to the Stars.

Sackson produced other non-Muppet/Sesame cassettes for Golden Books in the 1990s. Previously, she provided backing vocals and arrangement for select tracks on Spider-Man: Rock Reflections Of A Superhero, the 1975 rock opera album, narrated by Stan Lee. The album allegedly featured music by all of the Marvel Comics characters themselves, including The Incredible Hulk on drums, The Mighty Thor on trumpet, and Conan the Barbarian and friends on strings.

Sackson also worked on Jim Croce's posthumous 1975 album, "The Faces I've Been".

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