Geoff Felix, on the set of Muppet Treasure Island.

Geoff Felix is a British puppeteer and puppet maker who has worked on various Muppet and Creature Shop productions since the 1980s. Felix was heavily involved with the Fraggle Rock international co-productions.

Felix is best known for his work as a Punch and Judy puppeteer and historian, having penned the books Conversations with Punch (1994) and My Life with Punch (1992). In 2005, he was involved with the BBC radio adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's graphic novel Mr. Punch, providing the voice of the title character and scripting the special Punch and Judy material. Other film puppetry credits include work on Little Shop of Horrors, Who Framed Roger Rabbit (manipulating the props held by animated characters), and The Adventures of Baron Munchausen (for the King of the Moon's head).

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