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Oscar the Hour

Oscar with host Stroumboulopoulos. (Screenshots)


Miss Piggy on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight March 20, 2014

March 20, 2014

The Hour is a Canadian talk show on the CBC and CBC Newsworld, hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos. After being downsized to half the original length, it was renamed George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight.


  • October 22 2008: During the cold open to the show, George discovers Oscar is hanging out in a trash heap at the side of the show's stage. He encourages Oscar to help him promote One Million Acts of Green, a program/project on the CBC. (Oscar was in Canada for Waste Reduction Week.)
  • October 14, 2013: During the cold open, Stromboulopoulos, Brian Henson, and Beaver and Armadillo characters performed by Leslie Carrara-Rudolph and Patrick Bristow. Henson is the primary guest that episode, and is interviewed about his father, directing Muppet Christmas Carol, and Puppet Up! in Toronto. During the final segment, Strombo airs a segment of "Lullaby of Broadway", and Brian talks about creating the first Muppet penguin, and how he was honored that Frank Oz chose to puppeteer it. Brian briefly trains George in puppeteering for television, using the Puppet Up! puppets. [1]


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