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Released 1997
Duration 92 minutes
Director Sam Weisman
Written by Dana Olsen (story)
Olsen and Audrey Wells (screenplay)
Music Marc Shaiman
Studio Walt Disney Pictures
Rated PG

George of the Jungle is a live-action feature film adaptation of the 1967 Jay Ward animated series. The film starred Brendan Fraser in the title role. As with The Flintstones, another cartoon-based movie, the Creature Shop supplied animatronic puppet characters, including a lion, the Tookie Tookie Bird, snakes, and assorted gorillas. The most prominent puppet character was An Ape Named Ape, voiced by John Cleese.



Creature Shop credits[]

  • Gorilla choreographer: John Alexander
  • Special creature effects by Jim Henson's Creature Shop
  • Creative supervisor: David Barrington-Holt
  • General manager: Matt J. Britton
  • Project manager: Sally Ray
  • Lead designer: Peter Brooke
  • Sculptors: John Brown, Ralph Cordero, Chris Hanson, Steve Koch, Mark Wahlberg
  • Mold department supervisor: Phil Jackson
  • Moldmakers: Larry Addison Bortolott, Matt "Chief" Flesher, Matt Singer
  • Foam tech: Josh Yates
  • Gorilla costume designer: Camilla Henneman
  • Lead set gorilla Designer: Carol Jones
  • Gorilla costumers: Leah Aiken, Susan Cox, Erica Freeman, Marian Keating, Julie Zobel
  • Fabricators: Rick Cedillo, Lisa Cordero, Susan Spector, Mariana Tiana
  • Finishers: Duke Cullen, Robin Dufay
  • Hair techs: Karin Hanson, Jeff Himmel, Kate Studley
  • Seamers: Karen Carmichael, Brian Dooley, Carl Swanson
  • Lead mechanic: Mike Scanlan
  • Mechanics: Peter Abrahamson, John Biggs, Gil Correa, Ken Walker
  • Machinists: Mark Goldberg, Jake Lee
  • Electronics department supervisor: Jeff Forbes
  • On set electronics department supervisor: Mark Ross
  • Electronics tech: Cheryl Blake
  • Hair and cosmetics techs: Jack Bricker, Marlene Stoller
  • Special lens optometrist: Dr. Jonathan Gording
  • Contact lens tech: David Hogan Bauer
  • Production coordinator: Jim Edson
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