Get Set to Learn! is a Sesame Street CD-ROM game for home computers. The game was developed by Creative Wonders and Children's Television Workshop in 1996.

It was re-released subsequently as part of the 2-disc Kindergarten Deluxe CD-ROM set in 1997, and by Encore Software and Sesame Workshop in 2002.

It was also included in the Get Set for Kindergarten CD-ROM set with Elmo's Preschool and Elmo's Reading Basics.

This game promotes the thinking and problem solving skills necessary for learning.



  • "What Size is Your Prize?": Choose the right size object to win Zoe's game.
  • "Count it Up! Up! Up!": Count to the right number and watch as the wheel spins.
  • "Match the Moons": Match The Count's moons, spiders, lightning bolts, gold coins, and numbers.
  • "Kooky Cookie Game": Complete Cookie Monster's frosted cookie pattern.
  • "Dunk or Dare": Fill the barrel with trash and dunk Telly.
  • "Fabulous Prizes": All the prizes won in the games are collected in the chest.



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