Getting Ready for School is a 1987 Sesame Street direct-to-video compilation in the "My Sesame Street Home Video" series.

Picture Segment Description
FRAME 1 Big Bird, self-proclaimed school expert, is going to give the viewer the scoop on school (from what he's learned from his three days in school). Before he starts, he confesses that he was afraid of going to school and not knowing anything. He recalls seeing the alphabet inside, then recalls a time when he mistook the alphabet for something else...
Insert Big Bird sings "ABC-DEF-GHI."
(First: Episode 2266)
FRAME 1 cont'd Big Bird now explains that not only will you see the alphabet, but numbers too!
Cartoon A peacock counts twenty feathers on his tail.
(First: Episode 0406)
FRAME 2 Next, Big Bird displays signs that will be around the school, like "BUS STOP" and "EXIT".
Cartoon A man sets up a bus stop sign so that a giant can eat the buses that come.
(First: Episode 1176)
Cartoon A honking orange ball follows signs to the EXIT.
(First: Episode 1879)
Muppets Anything Muppets cheer for school.
Part 1
FRAME 3 Big Bird mentions something else from his days in school: there will be kids you already know and kids you don't.
Muppets The Count sings about his first day of school.
(First: Episode 1736)
FRAME 4 Big Bird has set up a model school room in the arbor, with Snuffy and the kids as students. Big Bird asks his class for a rhyme for "hat", but they all answer at once. He explains that in classrooms, students must raise their hand and will be called on. Snuffy raises his snuffle, but unfortunately doesn't know the answer.
Muppets Teacher Little Chrissy sings about how important it is to "Raise Your Hand."
(First: Episode 1959)
FRAME 5 Big Bird reiterates that you'll see the alphabet in school.
Film Children on a playground form the letters of the alphabet.
(First: Episode 1966)
Muppets Anything Muppets cheer for school.
Part 2
FRAME 6 Snuffy shares something he learned from Snufflegarden - it's okay to make mistakes. The duo then sings "Everyone Makes Mistakes". After the song, Big Bird displays the alphabet (not remembering he has before).

Animation The alphabet is presented using many materials and writing methods.
(First: Episode 2210)
Muppets Anything Muppets cheer for school.
Part 3
FRAME 7 Big Bird watches as a girl demonstrates how she puts on her coat. Big Bird claims that by watching the next segment, the viewer can learn to tie their shoes too.
Muppets / Cast "Dandy David" sings a song about tying shoelaces as Herry watches. Herry then asks David to tie the laces on all the shoes in his shoe collection.
(First: Episode 1574)
FRAME 8 Big Bird has Snuffy apply the lesson by having him tie his sneakers, which is accomplished by blowing through his snuffle. Big Bird thinks of what he hasn't taught, when Snuffy mentions the alphabet again.
Grover and Polly sing Alphabet
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentGrover and Polly say the alphabet.
(First: Episode 0281)
FRAME 9 Big Bird thanks the viewer for watching and requests they send a letter to him once they learn how to write in school. Just as the theme music starts, he asks if he's forgotten the alphabet.


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Scans of the activity book from the original VHS release.



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