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A friendly ghost haunts Count von Count's castle in "That's What Counts."

A ghost is the apparition of someone who has died. Popular culture has depicted a wide variety of ghosts associated with Halloween and works of fiction meant to be scary. Ghosts have been portrayed on a spectrum from genuinely frightening or gory, to lighter depictions meant as fun or even friendly.

On The Muppet Show, a trio of ghosts appeared at various points in episode 119. Two of them haunt Fozzie Bear and Gonzo in the "House of Horrors" sketch. They told ghost jokes backstage and on the dance floor in the "At the Dance" spot. They sang the Beatles' song "I'm Looking Through You" for the episode's UK Spot, and joined in the closing number, "You've Got a Friend." Designed in the tradition of cloth sheet with eyeholes and mouths cut out, they were filmed so as to seem transparent. In this episode, the two male ghosts were performed by John Lovelady and Richard Hunt; the female ghost was performed Eren Ozker.

One of the ghosts was later reused in the Mopatop's Shop episode "Ghosts," where he was performed by Brian Herring. This particular style of ghost was rebuilt in 2009 and used in some Haunted Holidays videos. It was then used in a short promo for The Muppets and later appeared in 2017 and 2018 to perform the "Boo Danube" at The Muppets Take the Bowl and The Muppets Take the O2. Some ghosts appear as characters in Muppets Haunted Mansion, including one performed by Peter Linz.

A different ghost puppet appeared in episode 307 of The Muppet Show, echoing the dance moves of Alice Cooper in "Welcome to My Nightmare" and Thog in "Once a Year Day." While this ghost also floated and was filmed so as to seem transparent, his appearance differed in that his body appeared to be wrapped like a mummy and he had two legs instead of no discernible lower half.

In episode 410, during "The Gambler", the old man on the train asks Kenny for a drink and a cigarette, then later passes on in his sleep. His spirit, now young and spry, appears and dances about the car as a transparent full-body puppet ghost.

On Sesame Street, a ghost with more traditional Muppet eyes lives in Count von Count's castle. He shows up when Elmo comes to visit in Elmo Says BOO!, answering The Count's riddle, "what's a ghost's favorite dessert?": boooo-berry pie! An illustrated ghost appears in The Sesame Street Dictionary under the entry for "bowl."


  • A non-articulated Ghost action figure, based on the first Muppet Show season model, was included as an accessory with the Uncle Deadly Action Figure. It included a clear base and stand to make the Ghost appear as if it were floating. Three different paint schemes were produced -- regular, clear, and glow-in-the-dark.

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