PERFORMER Joey Mazzarino
DEBUT 2003

Giblets Barchickenov is a giant, rock star, ballerina chicken friend of Elmo's who appears in Episode 4052 of Sesame Street.

Elmo tries to introduce to the viewer to Wayne Brady, who doesn't think they'll like him as himself. He instead pretends he's a rock star, then a ballerina, then a giant chicken. Elmo assures Wayne that the viewers at home will like him just as he is.

Elmo then introduces Wayne to another friend of his - Giblets. Wayne assumes they are also self conscious and re-assures them that they don't need to pretend to be someone else to be liked. Elmo informs Wyane that Giblets is really a giant chicken, rock star and ballerina. Giblets then heads off to dance in Chicken Lake.

Their name is a reference to famous Russian dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov.