PERFORMER Alyssa-Jane Cook
DEBUT 1999

Gilina Renaez, a Peacekeeper tech, was part of a team that was sent to investigate the missing ship Zelbinion by Crais, in the Farscape episode "PK Tech Girl". Her team was killed by some Sheyangs that wanted to salvage the ship. She survived by hiding from them. Even though she considered Aeryn Sun to be a traitor, she ends up helping Moya's crew against the Sheyangs, and in return they decided to let her return to Crais. After all she could not tell him that she encountered "aliens" up close or she would end up like Aeryn Sun, and she had fallen in love with John Crichton.

In the episodes "Nerve" and "The Hidden Memory", she has been transferred from Crais's ship to Scorpius's Gammak Base, were she helped Crichton save Aeryn Sun from the base. She would re-appear in the episode "John Quixote" where Crichton gets trapped in a game world.