Written by Tony Geiss
Date 1993
Publisher Ephemeral Music Co.
Sesame Street Inc.
First Episode 3213

"Gingerbread Man" is a Sesame Street song sung by Cookie Monster.

Cookie Monster sings about his Gingerbread Man, but has a hard time deciding whether to eat him or keep him as a dolly. He is soon backed up by two monsters. By the end of the song, Cookie Monster decides to keep him as a "gingerbread friend" and eat oatmeal cookies instead.


  • Cookie names the gingerbread man "Little Johnny" after Jon Stone, as during the taping session that day, Frank Oz tried to work Jon's name into every piece.[1] In another segment taped that day, he refers to a cookie between two other cookies as "Little Johnny". A third segment has Grover refer to his working establishment as "Jon's Bakery."



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