Written by Matt Robinson
Illustrator Lou Myers
Published 1971
Publisher Random House
Series Gordon of Sesame Street Tells a Story
ISBN 0394823265

Giveaway Gibson was released as a stand-alone storybook, and also as a book and record set. The story is narrated by Gordon, as performed by Matt Robinson.

The story is about a generous emperor who likes to give things to people, and so he's called Giveaway Gibson. Every year, he loads gifts starting with each letter of the alphabet onto 26 camels -- one camel for each letter -- and takes them into the city.

One particular year, as the emperor is bringing his camels to the city, a big storm blows up, and all of the camels run away. Giveaway Gibson tries to round them all up, but only finds twenty-five of them. He tries to figure out which camel was missing, but he can't do it, because they're all mixed up.

Giveaway Gibson calls for Alphabet Bates, the one man in the kingdom who really knows the alphabet. Alphabet Bates goes through all of the camels in alphabetical order, until he discovers that the "X" camel is the missing one. They find the "X" camel, and the emperor is so happy that he gives Alphabet Bates a xylophone.