PERFORMER Richard Hunt 1973-1992
  Jennifer Barnhart 2003-present
DEBUT 1973

Gladys the Cow is the most famous of Sesame Street's many cows. One of her most notable early appearances was with Prince Charming in a Sesame Street News Flash sketch, where Cinderella's slipper fit her hoof.

Gladys gradually emerged as a character in her own right, a vain bovine with aspirations as an actress and singer. She loves to sing, and occasionally wears a wig. Her signature song is "I'm Proud to Be a Cow." She was featured in several Sesame Street Pageants, occasionally appeared with Buster the Horse, and had a cameo in Follow That Bird and the Monsterpiece Theater production of "Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves" as one of the thieves. Gladys was intially retired from the show in 1992, after performer Richard Hunt's death.

Gladys returned to the ensemble supporting cast in Season 34, performed now by Jennifer Barnhart. In the season premiere, Episode 4031, Gladys tried to steal the show at the Hooper's Store karaoke night.

In Season 36, which focused on "Healthy Habits for Life", Gladys appeared to help Zoe and Elmo in the Healthy Foods Game show in Episode 4085.



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