Glen Close

Close and Oscar at the 2003 Sesame Workshop Gala.

Glenn Close (b. 1947) is an actress who has appeared on Sesame Street (footage of which can be seen in the 1994 special Stars and Street Forever). Close has been nominated for five Academy Awards, won three Emmy Awards, three Tony Awards, and a Screen Actors Guild Award, among many others.

Close also played Cruella deVil in the live-action remake of 101 Dalmatians in 1996. That same year she contributed a "Chicken, Mushroom and Barley Stew" recipe for Miss Piggy's cookbook, In the Kitchen with Miss Piggy.

On Broadway Close has appeared in numerous musicals and plays, including Barnum and Sunset Boulevard. On the Silver Screen she has appeared in Hamlet, Hook, Tim Burton's Mars Attacks!, and The Stepford Wives. Television work includes voicing Mona Simpson on The Simpsons, the musical South Pacific, and playing Evelyn Baker Lang in The West Wing.


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