DEBUT 1975

Peuta shows off her gligskin purse.

Gligs are members of a bird-like species who once populated throughout the Land of Gorch. In times past, flocks of gligs soared over the prairies of Gorch. Treasured as both a delicacy and as a source of clothing (gligskin), the species is nearing extinction, as related in the November 8, 1975 broadcast of Saturday Night Live.

Gligskin items are very fashionable for Gorch females. Queen Peuta owns gligskin shoes and handbag; Vazh has a gligskin coat, and would like a matching hat.

Male gligs are easy to catch; the one seen in the episode is caught by Ploobis and Scred with their bare hands.

Gligs can speak, and beg for their lives.

Only a single male glig is glimpsed in the episode, and following a consultation with the Mighty Favog, King Ploobis sets him free, to go forth and multiply. As he runs off, the glig bellows for his unseen mate, Bernice, the only other glig known to exist.

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