DEBUT 2000

Glo Worm is Slimey's girlfriend; a worm he met in the garden while he was playing. Slimey takes Glo Worm on a tour of Sesame Street in a season 31 episode. Big Bird carries them over to the Fix-It Shop where Maria has fixed his circus cannon. As a surprise, Slimey has arranged for them to be shot out of it together to get to Hooper's Store, but they overshoot their mark and end up in Baby Bear's porridge.

All day, the two worms are inseparable until Glo Worm gets a call. She's a volunteer firefighter, and has to go to work when the station receives a call. As the fire truck whisks her away, Slimey is tremendously sad to be without her. Alan and Baby Bear do their best to console him until Glo's return. To pass the time, Slimey draws a picture of he and Glo being shot out of the cannon together.

Finally, Glo returns, the two are reunited and Slimey is happy again.

She appears in a season 33 episode when Oscar helps her move into a mailbox at the Mail It Shop, and a season 38 episode, where WASA sent Glo on a mission to the moon.

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