Go'morgen Danmark (Good Morning Denmark) is TV2's live morning show that airs every weekday from 6:30 to 11:00, with news every half hour. The show first aired in 1996. In 1999 a additional show called Go'aften Danmark (Good evening Denmark) was broadcast from the same studio. The shows studio are located at Copehangen Central station and a secondary studio are located in Tivoli, that studio are used at various special events and holidays. The studio in Tivoli was also used by Jul med Jeppe, Marie og Elmo.

Elmo made an appearance on October 19, 2009, the day after Sesamgade premiered on TV2.

Picture Description
Elmo first appearance are during the introduction for the mornings show, the hosts Morten Resen, Ida Wohlert and Cecilie Hother introduce Elmo as being a intern for a day and Elmo says that he is looking forward to help them out. Cecilie leaves the group to prepare for the weather forecast, while Elmo watches Ida and Morten introduce the rest of the show. After wards Morten ask Elmo to announce Cecilie with the weather forecast. Elmo's introduction doesn't go all that well as he is having problems getting Cecilie's name correct.
In Elmo's second appearance, Morten suggests that Elmo prepare a question for Basim, that will be answered by the studio later. Elmo says that he is a big fan of Basim, since he think Basim are a great singer and dancer.
At the end of Morten and Ida's interview with Basim, they call Elmo and tells Basim that Elmo has prepared a question. Elmo asks Basim if he wants to play with him. Basim explains that he is a bit busy with his new album, but invites Elmo to come hang out the rest of the day. Elmo thinks it's a good idea, and suggest that then they could sing a song together and stats to "la la la" a little. Basim laughs and says that he can't hit those high notes. Morten also give Elmo Basim's new album as a gift.
In Elmo's last appearance he helps Cecilie with the weather forecast. Elmo quickly declares that it will snow, but Cecilie interrupts him and says that's not true and asks him why he would like it to snow, Elmo explains that he love to play in the snow. Cecilie then asks about how he will handle the cold, Elmo says that's not a problem since he got fur. Cecile then takes over the rest of the forecast with Elmo making a few comments along the way.