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Goldilocks 4098.jpg
DEBUT 1991
PATTERN Large Lavender Live Hand

An early iteration of Goldilocks in Episode 2391.


Goldilocks was Baby Bear's nemesis on Sesame Street. The character is a takeoff on the classic fairy tale "Goldilocks and the Three Bears".

In her earlier appearances, Goldilocks often irritated Baby Bear by doing everything he did. By the mid-90s, she instead became Baby Bear's friend. Unfortunately for him, she was very eager to help him in any way, even when he didn't need it.

Goldilocks first appeared as Baby Bear's adversary in episode 2866, and was featured regularly on the show from Season 23 to Season 29. She only made occasional appearances afterwards, including episode 3914, where she becomes incensed upon realizing that the Big Bad Wolf had filled in for her while she was on vacation.

In episode 4066, she returns to Sesame Street, after visiting her Grandmother Graylocks in Florida, and is introduced to Curly Bear. In episode 4098, Goldilocks starts taking over other nursery rhymes, sitting on Little Miss Muffet's tuffet, and eating Little Jack Horner's pie. She was slightly redesigned for her later appearances; her bright yellow curls became gold-colored, and she occasionally sports a blue bow in her hair instead of a straw hat. Her appearance in Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary Celebration, however, hearkens back to her earlier design.

Several years before Baby Bear's Sesame debut, another Anything Muppet version of Goldilocks (performed by Camille Bonora) appeared in Episode 2391. Many years before that, a Hot Pink AM version of Goldilocks (voiced by an unidentified actress) appeared alongside the Three Bears in a pair of Muppet inserts for Season 3.

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