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{{book|writer=[[Laura Driscoll]]|illustrator=[[Larry DiFiori]]|date=[[1999]]|publisher=[[Grosset & Dunlap]]|series=|isbn=0-448-42058-9}}
{{book|image=Outofthisworld.JPG|writer=[[Laura Driscoll]]|illustrator=[[Larry DiFiori]]|date=[[1999]]|publisher=[[:Category:Penguin Books|Grosset & Dunlap]]|series=|pages=|isbn=0-448-42058-9}}
'''''Gonzo's Book of Out-of-This-World Puzzles''''' is a 1999 Muppet puzzle book based on the film ''[[Muppets from Space]]''.
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Written by Laura Driscoll
Illustrator Larry DiFiori
Published 1999
Publisher Grosset & Dunlap
ISBN 0-448-42058-9

Gonzo's Book of Out-of-This-World Puzzles is a 1999 Muppet puzzle book based on the film Muppets from Space.

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