A list of Gonzo's openings during "The Muppet Show Theme" on The Muppet Show, and in some later spin-offs.

Season One

During the first season, Gonzo hit the Muppet Show sign's letter O like a gong, with the following results...

Picture Episode Description
Gonzo gong
Episode 101: Juliet Prowse The O explodes; Gonzo is completely blackened.
Episodes 102, 110, and 113 The O breaks with a shattering sound, and Gonzo peers through it.
Episode 103: Joel Grey Gonzo misses the "O" and falls down.
Episode 104: Ruth Buzzi The sign goes up, Gonzo misses the "O" and falls down.
Episodes 105 and 108 Gonzo hits the "O" with such a huge force that he can't stop shaking.
Episode 106: Jim Nabors The white circle inside the "O" is gone, so Gonzo hits his own head.
Episode 107: Florence Henderson The sign goes up in the air after Gonzo hits it.
Episode 109: Charles Aznavour The "O" plays the Westminster Chimes.
Episode 111: Lena Horne The "O" makes a foghorn sound.
Episode 112: Peter Ustinov Gonzo's mallet gets stuck between the "S" and "H" and breaks.
Episode 114: Sandy Duncan Gonzo hits the "O" with his own head.
115 gonzo fights O
Episode 115: Candice Bergen Gonzo hits the "O" with a boxing glove and gets the sound of a ringside bell.
Episodes 116 and 121 Beautiful Day Monster appears in front of the "O" and Gonzo hits him accidentally.
Episodes 117 and 122 The Green Frackle hits Gonzo with a mallet.
Episodes 118 and 123 Crazy Harry causes an explosion.
Episodes 119 and 124 Gonzo shoots the "O" with a blunderbuss.
Episode 120: Valerie Harper Gonzo knocks himself on the head with a sledgehammer.

Season Two

From season 2 onwards, Gonzo would appear inside the Muppet Show sign's letter "O" and try to blow a note on his horn, with the following results...

Picture Episode Description
Episode 201: Don Knotts Gonzo's horn shoots a flame (Gonzo: "I'm sorry!")
Episode 202: Zero Mostel Sparks and smoke fly out of Gonzo's horn
Episodes 203 and 214 Gonzo's horn squirts water (The sound effect is re-dubbed in 214)
Episode 204: Rich Little A balloon comes out of Gonzo's horn
Episode 205: Judy Collins Gonzo's horn makes a flute sound
Episode 206: Nancy Walker Gonzo's horn fires off two gun shots
Episode 207: Edgar Bergen Gonzo's horn makes an exploding sound and blows Gonzo away
Episodes 208 and 215 Green smoke comes out of Gonzo's horn (Gonzo: "Green smoke!")
Episode 209: Madeline Kahn Orange smoke comes out of Gonzo's horn; Gonzo 'scrunches his nose'
Episode 210: George Burns Gonzo's horn makes an exploding sound
224 horn
Episodes 211 and 224 Gonzo's horn makes a deep sound as red smoke comes out; Gonzo coughs
Episode 212: Bernadette Peters A balloon comes out of Gonzo's horn and pops
Episode 213: Rudolf Nureyev A balloon comes out of Gonzo's horn and inflates after he stops blowing

Episodes 216 and 220 Gonzo's horn flies away (Gonzo: "Come back here!"). First season Gonzo puppet used.
217 horn
Episode 217: Julie Andrews Gonzo's trumpet glows in the dark
Episodes 218 and 221 Crazy Harry blows Gonzo up
Episode 219: Peter Sellers Beautiful Day Monster blows a tuba ("Gonzo: "Thief!")
Episode 222: Teresa Brewer Gonzo's trumpet shoots two flames (Gonzo: "I'm sorry... Sorry!")
Episode 223: John Cleese Perfect note comes out of Gonzo's horn (Gonzo shakes his head, as if in annoyance. The audience cheers!)

Season Three

Picture Episode Description
Episodes 301 and 506 Hiccups prevent Gonzo from playing ("Excuse me.")
302 horn
Episodes 302 and 523 White chunks fly out of Gonzo's horn.

302: "My teeth!"
523: "Popcorn!"

303 horn
Episode 303: Roy Clark Swoopfoomer flies out of Gonzo's horn (Gonzo: "Three times!")
304 horn
Episode 304: Gilda Radner Red smoke comes out of the horn; Gonzo hiccups a second red cloud
Episode 305: Pearl Bailey Gonzo says "I'm not even gonna try it." Then the horn plays by itself
306 horn
Episode 306: Jean Stapleton Kermit stands behind Gonzo and blows a horn
Episodes 307 and 518 A light blue spirit comes out of Gonzo's horn; Gonzo quivers
Episode 308: Loretta Lynn Gonzo's horn makes the sound of a train whistle
Episode 309: Liberace Gonzo's horn doesn't work: "Aw, rats." Then it plays a fanfare by itself
Episodes 310, 512, and 520 Kermit blows Gonzo away with his horn from the left side
Episode 311: Raquel Welch Flowers come out of Gonzo's horn
Episodes 312 and 323 Four horns from four different directions startle Gonzo. (The music is re-dubbed in 323)
Episode 313: Helen Reddy Colorful musical notes come out of Gonzo's horn
Episode 314: Harry Belafonte A bee comes out of Gonzo's horn; Gonzo tries to follow it and faints dizzily
Episode 315: Lesley Ann Warren Gonzo's horn makes a cow sound and attracts a cow. Gonzo faints
Episodes 316 and 524 A soccer ball jams the horn down Gonzo's throat
Episode 317: Spike Milligan Beautiful Day Monster dribbles Gonzo
318 horn
Episode 318: Leslie Uggams Gonzo's horn makes a duck sound and attracts two ducks
Gonzo elke sommer opening
Episode 319: Elke Sommer A plane comes out of the horn and crashes ("Watch out for the balcony!")
Episode 320: Sylvester Stallone Beautiful Day Monster plays the horn for Gonzo
321 horn
Episode 321: Roger Miller Butterflies come out of Gonzo's horn and flute music plays
Episode 322: Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Gonzo's horn makes a horse sound
Episode 324: Cheryl Ladd Gonzo's horn makes a ringing sound.

Season Four

Picture Episode Description
Gonzo open 401
Episodes 401 and 502 Gonzo's head explodes and appears in another corner. (refilmed for 502)
Gonzo open 402
Episode 402: Crystal Gayle Bubbles come out of Gonzo's horn
Gonzo open 403
Episode 403: Shields & Yarnell Gonzo vanishes
Gonzo open 404
Episodes 404 and 501 The horn rings; Gonzo puts it to his ear ("Hello? He's not home.")
Gonzo open 405
Episode 405: Victor Borge Bobby Benson's Baby Band pop up
Gonzo open 406
Episode 406: Linda Lavin Gonzo disappears in small portions (like a blind)
Gonzo open 407
Episode 407: Dudley Moore Gonzo turns into a beetle ("Surprise!")
Gonzo open 408
Episode 408: Arlo Guthrie Gonzo is run over by a herd of cows
Gonzo open 409
Episodes 409 and 509 Gonzo blows the horn with his ear.

409: "I play by ear."
509: "What a great ear! Hahaha!"

Gonzo open 410
Episodes 410 and 508 410: Gonzo plays a single note.

508: Gonzo plays the opening notes of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.
Gonzo: "What were you expecting, Rachmaninoff?"

Gonzo open 411
Episodes 411 and 516 Gonzo: "I give autographs after the show!"
Gonzo open 412
Episodes 412 and 522 A boxing glove knocks Gonzo to the floor
Gonzo open 413
Episode 413: Dizzy Gillespie Gonzo plays racing fanfare
Gonzo open 414
Episodes 414 and 510 Gonzo plays a trumpet riff.

414: "That's my new hit single!"
510: "Eat your heart out, Gillespie!"

Gonzo open 415
Episode 415: Anne Murray Gonzo blows on a cow's horn ("Another television first!")
Gonzo open 416
Episode 416: Jonathan Winters Gonzo attracts a horse ("You called?")
Episodes 417 and 521 A duck bites Gonzo's nose. Gonzo screams, while the duck laughs (refilmed for 521)
Gonzo open 418
Episodes 418 and 503 Rats appear (Gonzo: "Aw, rats.")
Gonzo open 419
Episode 419: Lynda Carter Gonzo's dental plate sticks to the horn (Gonzo: "The embarrassment...!")
Gonzo open 420
Episode 420: Alan Arkin Gonzo's horn makes a typewriter sound
Gonzo open 421
Episode 421: Doug Henning One half of Gonzo disappears, Gonzo says "Goodbye!" and disappears completely
Gonzo open 422
Episode 422: Andy Williams Muppet dogs appear
Gonzo open 423
Episodes 423 and 519 Gonzo is blown away in an Autumn storm.
Gonzo open 424
Episode 424: Diana Ross A snake (that just crawled into Zoot's saxophone) comes out of Gonzo's horn.

Season Five

Picture Episode Description
Episode 504: Shirley Bassey Gonzo's horn makes a rooster sound ("Camilla, your uncle's calling!")
505 trumpet
Episode 505: James Coburn No sound comes out of the horn, but it attracts Foo-Foo ("Well, she heard it...!")
Episode 507: Glenda Jackson Penguins appear.
511 trumpet
Episode 511: Paul Simon Gonzo attracts a duck that kisses him (Duck: "Kissy kissy.")
513 trumpet
Episode 513: Tony Randall Gonzo blows on a fish.
514 trumpet
Episode 514: Mac Davis A turkey scares Gonzo away.
515 trumpet
Episode 515: Carol Burnett Gonzo's horn makes an air raid siren sound.
Episode 517: Hal Linden Gonzo blows on a screaming banana.

Audio Appearances

Season 1 replacements

When The Muppet Show was repackaged for re-runs, the opening theme for season one episodes was replaced with a version of the theme as it was re-shot for subsequent seasons. In these instances, Gonzo's trumpet gag is recycled from another episode.

  • Episodes 101, 108, and 109: Gonzo's horn squirts water. (re-used from 203 and 214)
  • Episode 115: A balloon comes out of Gonzo's horn and inflates after he stops blowing. (re-used from Episode 213)
  • Episode 121 (TNT airings): Rats appear (Gonzo: "Aw, rats.") (re-used from 418 and 503)

Other Projects

MMW Gonzo soccer ball
  • Muppets Inside: Gonzo plays a terrific solo, presumably the one he'd been trying to play all these years. Gonzo: "Ha! Didn't think I could do it, did ya?"
  • The Muppets Take the Bowl: Gonzo's trumpet sounds like a car alarm. When it doesn't stop right away, he runs offstage, presumably to check his car.
  • The Muppets Take the O2: Gonzo's trumpet sounds like a siren, causing a Muppet bobby (English policeman) to clear the area.

The Muppet Show Comic Book

Gonzo comic O

Gonzo's antics within the title have continued on into The Muppet Show's comic book series. We will not count other muppets occupying the O.

Meet the Muppets

The Treasure of Peg-Leg Wilson

On the Road

Family Reunion

  • Issue #4: Gonzo's nose gets stuck in a didgeridoo.
  • Issue #5: A duck comes out of the horn.
  • Issue #6: Two fishing hooks fall through the "O."
  • Issue #7: Gonzo appears in scuba gear blowing into a seashell.

Muppet Mash

  • Issue #9: Gonzo rings what appears to be a stone gong.
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