The stunts of The Great Gonzo on The Muppet Show.


The Muppet Show Season 1

Picture Theme Episode Description
Flight of the Bumblebee
Gonzo Eats a Rubber Tire
Episode 101: Juliet Prowse
Gonzo eats a rubber tire to the music of "Flight of the Bumblebee."
1812 Overture
Gonzo Grows a Tomato Plant
Episode 102: Connie Stevens
Gonzo grows a tomato plant to the tune of the "1812 Overture."
Gonzo Demolishes an Automobile
Episode 103: Joel Grey
Gonzo demolishes an automobile to the tune of the "Anvil Chorus."
Gonzo Does a Rock Act
Episode 109: Charles Aznavour
Gonzo does a rock act: hitting a rock with a mallet.
Gonzo Impersonates a Female
Episode 109: Charles Aznavour
Gonzo dresses as a little girl.
Gonzo Does a Balloon Act
Episode 111: Lena Horne
Gonzo has planned a balloon act, but Animal ruins it.

The Muppet Show Season 2

Picture Theme Episode Description
Gonzo Wrestles a Brick
Episode 207: Edgar Bergen
Gonzo, blindfolded, wrestles a brick.
Gonzo Fiddles While George Burns
Episode 210: George Burns
Gonzo fiddles while George burns.
Gonzo Plays the Bagpipes Atop a Flagpole
Episode 217: Julie Andrews
Gonzo performs "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" on the bagpipes while sitting atop a flagpole.
Peter Sellers
Gonzo Does a Knife-Throwing Act
Episode 219: Peter Sellers
Gonzo throws knives at Peter Sellers in character as Inspector Jacques Clouseau.
Gonzo Recites Shakespeare While Hanging by His Nose
Episode 222: Teresa Brewer
Gonzo recites Shakespeare while hanging by his nose from a feather boa nine-feet in the air.
Gonzo Catches a Cannonbal
Episode 223: John Cleese
Gonzo catches a cannonball with his bare hand.

The Muppet Show Season 3

Picture Theme Episode Description
Gonzo Recites the Seven Times Table
Episode 301: Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge
Gonzo recites the seven-times tables while standing on a hammock and balancing a piano.
Gonzo Yodels While Riding a Motorized Pogo Stick
Episode 303: Roy Clark
Gonzo yodels Rimsky-Korsakov while riding on a motorized pogo-stick.
Gonzo Rides a Motorcycle into Statler and Waldorf's Balcony
Episode 315: Lesley Ann Warren
Gonzo rides his motorcycle into Statler and Waldorf's theater box.
Gonzo Hypnotizes Himself
Episode 324: Cheryl Ladd
Gonzo hypnotizes himself into holding up a 5000-pound weight with one arm.

The Muppet Show Season 4

Picture Theme Episode Description
Gonzo Recites Poetry While Defusing a Bomb
Episode 407: Dudley Moore
Gonzo recites the works of Percy Bysshe Shelley while defusing a bomb.
Gonzo Shoots Himself from a Catapult
Episode 410: Kenny Rogers
Gonzo shoots himself from a catapult to sky-write the "Hallelujah Chorus."
Gonzo Tap Dances in Oatmeal
Episode 411: Lola Falana
Gonzo sings "Top Hat, White Tie and Tails" while tap-dancing in oatmeal.
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