Gonzo Presents Muppet Weird Stuff
Gonzo Presents Muppet Weird Stuff Credits (US UK vs Spain Comparison)

Gonzo Presents Muppet Weird Stuff Credits (US UK vs Spain Comparison)

Gonzo Presents Muppet Weird Stuff was released by Playhouse Video in 1985, as part of a series of compilations featuring songs and sketches from The Muppet Show.

In this one hour special, Gonzo pays tribute to the weirdest acts from The Muppet Show, and tries to hide the fact that he's hosting from the inside of a trailer instead of a posh mansion. Camilla the Chicken co-hosts with Gonzo, while Kermit the Frog makes a visit.

Muppet Show guest appearances include Jean Stapleton, Dom DeLuise, John Cleese, Vincent Price, Julie Andrews and Madeline Kahn.

This is the only video in the Playhouse Video series to feature clips from the Muppet movies.

In the Spanish print, the credits run earlier during Muppera segment in English text despite the video being Spanish dubbed. Also the Spanish print used the original Zoot Ending.

Picture Segment Description
FRAME Gonzo and Camilla are in their "country villa," where the migrating geese outside sound like car horns. When Gonzo calls for their butler, Jeeves, he asks Camilla to find him so "he" can bring him a cream soda. Gonzo introduces today's topic of cultural masterpieces of The Muppet Show, playing them on his television set, including the first triumph...
All of Me
Song "All of Me"
(Episode 108: Paul Williams)
FRAME Gonzo thanks "Jeeves" for his beverage and introduces one of the greatest artists of our day - himself. He sets up one of his acts, then his interaction with the guest star.

Episode fragments Gonzo catches a cannonball:
  • Gonzo's Cannonball Act
  • John Cleese tries to get Gonzo back to normal

(Episode 223: John Cleese)
Gonzo's last line in the scene with Cleese is cut.

FRAME Camilla wants Gonzo to play their song. Gonzo is glad to oblige, but doesn't remember what it is. Camilla reminds him - "Hugga Wugga Buggy Mugger."
Hugga Wugga
Song "Hugga Wugga"
(Episode 118: Phyllis Diller)
FRAME Gonzo continues his series of cultural pieces, citing Muppet Labs as a role in our cultural lives. Camilla doesn't seem to agree. "Chickens don't like science," Gonzo notes.
Dr. Bunson Honeydew
Sketch Muppet Labs: Exploding Clothes
(Episode 118: Phyllis Diller)
FRAME Gonzo notes that science has advanced further to help us learn about new lifeforms.
Sketch Kermit interviews the Koozebanian Phoob
(Episode 205: Judy Collins)
FRAME Gonzo now introduces a scene with the first chicken he ever performed with, Lolita. Camilla is less than pleased to hear about this.
Sketch Gonzo and his dancing chicken, Lolita
(Episode 204: Rich Little)
FRAME Gonzo tries to smooth over the tension between him and Camilla, claiming Lolita was simply a "Rhode Island red." He tells her she does something to me, which Camilla recognizes as a song cue.
Pink Creature and Magician
Song "You Do Something to Me"
(Episode 112: Peter Ustinov)
FRAME Camilla scoffs at Gonzo's next demonstration of culture - brick wrestling.
Sketch Gonzo wrestles a brick blindfolded
(Episode 207: Edgar Bergen)
At the end, Gonzo's line "You promised me a wilterweight brick!", spoken in the backstage scene that originally followed this sketch, is dubbed at the end of the clip.
FRAME Kermit happens by Gonzo's villa and gives away that it's actually a trailer. Gonzo tries changing the subject by inviting him inside to see some cute birds.
Sketch Bird in cage
( Episode 206: Nancy Walker)
FRAME Kermit sits in Gonzo's recliner and again points out his villa's true identity. Gonzo reclines Kermit all the way back and segues to the next piece.
Song "I'm Just Wild About Harry" with Jean Stapleton and Crazy Harry
(Episode 306: Jean Stapleton)
FRAME Kermit seems to disagree with Gonzo's understanding of art, citing his tastes as weird. Gonzo finds Kermit stubborn to the true greatness of art.
Sketch "Jabberwocky" with Scooter and Rowlf
(Episode 506: Brooke Shields)
Episode fragments
FRAME Gonzo claims acts like that got him where he is today. "You mean at the Bide-A-Wee Trailer Court?" Kermit responds. Gonzo hastily ushers Kermit out of the villa.
I Feel Pretty
Song "I Feel Pretty"
(Episode 109: Charles Aznavour)
The beginning, with the singer singing a few bars of "Tonight", is cut.

Episode fragments *Gonzo plays "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" on the bagpipes while sitting on a flagpole
FRAME Camilla again becomes jealous upon seeing the clip. Gonzo reminds her how truly lonely he was until they met.
Song "Won't Somebody Dance with Me" with Gonzo
(Episode 217: Julie Andrews)
FRAME Gonzo and Camilla decide to take things easy and watch some TV.
Sketch Dom DeLuise visits Planet Koozebane and encounters Merdlidops
(Episode 211: Dom DeLuise)
Song "I've Got You Under My Skin"
(Episode 119: Vincent Price)
FRAME Shakey Sanchez wanders through the room, continuing to sing "Que Sera, Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be)." When Camilla asks who that was, Gonzo believes it was Jeeves. Camilla walks out, exasperated, as Gonzo queues up one of his best acts.
Sketch Gonzo hypnotizes himself into holding a 5000-pound weight
(Episode 324: Cheryl Ladd)
FRAME Gonzo now introduces the very eerie Vincent Price...
You've Got a Friend
Song "You've Got a Friend" with Vincent Price, Uncle Deadly, and the monsters
(Episode 119: Vincent Price)
FRAME Gonzo introduces a series of rapid-fire clips of his acts and memorable performances, appearing briefly between some of them for commentary.
Flight of the Bumblebee
Sketch Gonzo eats a tire to the tune of "Flight of the Bumblebee"
(Episode 101: Juliet Prowse)
Sketch Gonzo hangs his nose on a feather boa
(Episode 222: Teresa Brewer)
Audio of the audience booing, from the previous clip, is added to the beginning of this clip.
Movie scene Gonzo holds onto balloons
(The Muppet Movie)
This clip is heavily edited to primarily focus on Gonzo.
Sketch Gonzo holds a piano on one hand while multiplying the number seven
(Episode 301: Kris Kristofferson & Rita Coolidge)
Movie scene Gonzo jumps in front of a taxi
(The Great Muppet Caper)
Sketch Gonzo conducts Liebesträume and battles a crab
(Episode 504: Shirley Bassey)
Movie scene Gonzo's waterskiing act
(The Muppets Take Manhattan)
This clip is edited, removing the part with Gonzo asking Margaret if she's ready.
Sketch Gonzo accidently shoots Kermit and Miss Piggy from a catapult
(Episode 410: Kenny Rogers)
FRAME Gonzo tells the viewer that those clips represent his public persona, while a sensitive Gonzo is often not seen, recalling the time he fell in love with Madeline Kahn.
Song "Wishing Song" with Gonzo and Madeline Kahn
(Episode 209: Madeline Kahn)
FRAME Camilla becomes jealous once more. Gonzo assures Camilla he only has eyes for poultry and suggests she watch the following.
Lovely day
Sketch Cute and Cannon perform "Isn't This a Lovely Day"
(Episode 504: Shirley Bassey)
FRAME Gonzo answers a knock on his door. It turns out to be his "gardener," who demands rent money. Gonzo instead plays some Julie Andrews.
Sketch Talk Spot: Julie Andrews
(Episode 217: Julie Andrews)
FRAME Gonzo assures the gardener that the check's in the mail, then segues to the Planet Koozebane.
107 hoop hoop
Sketch Koozebanian Mating Ritual
(Episode 107: Florence Henderson)
FRAME Gonzo introduces an operatic clip while engaging with his sentient, miniature suit of armor.
Song "Muppera" opera number
(Episode 409: Beverly Sills)

FRAME After Gonzo signs off, he and Camilla make out offscreen as the credits roll over a shot of a lava lamp.
217 post credits
Episode fragment After the credits, Gonzo is seen inviting the cow out for either a movie or a steak.
(Episode 217: Julie Andrews)
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