Written by Rudy Clark and Arthur Resnick
Date 1965

"Good Lovin'" was a song originally performed by singer Limmie Snell as "Lemme B. Good," eventually becoming a hit-single as recorded by The Rascals in 1966.

A group of Ostrich Feathers lip-synced to the Racal's version of the song on The Mike Douglas Show on July 21, 1966. As the three leads sang, a small feather (performed by Jerry Nelson) wildly danced along until shooed away by the others. He eventually brings in a fan that blows them away.

Jerry revealed at the "Muppet Rarities: The Unseen Works of Jim Henson" event at the Paley Center for Media in 2003 that the ending didn't go as rehearsed. Originally, the little feather blew the others away, then danced to the remaining part of the song. When they did it live, the little feather ended up getting stuck within the fan mechanism, so the other feathers came back for a quick bow.

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