Music by Jason Robert Brown
Lyrics by Joey Mazzarino
Date 2012
Publisher Sesame Street Inc.
First Episode 4412

"Good Things Come to Those Who Wait" is a Sesame Street song from the 44th season.

In the song, Cookie Monster is approached by Guy Smiley, who's hosting "The Waiting Game." Cookie Monster receives a cookie for the game, but if he can restrain from eating it until Guy returns, he'll get two instead. He struggles to find ways to be patient, as the Guy Smiley Singers (performed by Stephanie D'Abruzzo and John Tartaglia) sing to him. By imagining it as a smelly fish, he's able to stave off devouring the cookie and is given a second cookie by Guy. Learning he won't receive a third cookie by waiting longer, he eats the cookies and concludes that they were worth the wait.


Sesame Street The Waiting Game with Guy Smiley!

Sesame Street The Waiting Game with Guy Smiley!

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