PERFORMER Stephanie D'Abruzzo
DEBUT 2001
DESIGN Michael Schupbach builder

Googel appeared in the "Monster Clubhouse" segments of Sesame Street.

She first was named Mooba, in Season 32, but was renamed Googel for Season 33. The green character from the segments, originally named Groogel, became Phoebe. Ultimately, the segment was short-lived, as kids were unfamiliar with the Muppets and the "frantic pace" of the segments caused concerns.

Since the segment's cancellation, her appearances have been restricted to background character status. She and Mel appear in the background of Lights, Camera, Imagination! 4D (2003) and Elmo's Christmas Countdown. In The Street We Live On, she was featured as one of the ten monsters in the monster parade to determine the Number of the Day. She then appeared in a "Trash Gordon" segment as one of the conga monsters. Years later, the Googel puppet was recycled (with added pigtail ribbons) as Lara, who appeared in the resource video, Learning is Everywhere, and the aforementioned Christmas special.

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