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Gordon and Oscar season 42
Roscoe Orman as Gordon in 2011
PERFORMER Garrett Saunders (test pilots)
  Matt Robinson Seasons 1-3
  Hal Miller Seasons 4-5
  Roscoe Orman Season 6-
DEBUT 1969

Roscoe Orman as Gordon in Season 8.


Matt Robinson with a live cat as part of his audition for Sesame Street.


Matt Robinson as Gordon.


Hal Miller as Gordon.

Gordon sized

(From left) Robinson, Miller, and Orman in their portrayals as Gordon.

0744 Gordon beard

Gordon with a beard in Season 6


Telly Monster visits Gordon's high school science class in Episode 2782.

Gordon Robinson is one of the original residents of Sesame Street, having debuted in the first episode along with his wife Susan. Originally working as a history teacher (as mentioned in All About Sesame Street) after serving in the army (as he mentions in Episode 0950), Gordon later became a science teacher. Gordon and Susan reside at 123 Sesame Street and, in 1985, the couple adopted a son, Miles. His sister Olivia also lived with them on the street for many years. His nephew Chris was introduced in 2007 and continues to appear as a regular character.

Gordon was conceived as a strong paternal character and a role model for African American children who lacked a positive father figure. Like many of the other Sesame Street adults, however, Gordon has transcended across the board to appeal to children of all races. Though friendly and kind, Gordon is the most likely of the Sesame Street adults to offer firm admonishment when the situation requires. Gordon has also appeared in both Sesame Street films, Follow That Bird (where he played a key role in rescuing Big Bird) and The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland. In 2004, Gordon developed a recurring alter-ego, Trash Gordon, in bedtime stories told by Oscar to Slimey.

Since season 46 in 2016, Gordon has only made sporadic appearances, including a cameo at the top of Episode 4629 and in reused material from previous seasons. The character has also appeared in several web videos, most prominently in two read-along videos in 2018, reading We're Different, We're the Same in one. He also appeared with cast members old and new in Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary Celebration. Gordon made a more featured return appearance on the series proper in Episode 5401.

Casting history[]

Though the characterization of Gordon has remained consistent, the casting has not, with three different performers taking the role in the series proper. Roscoe Orman recalled the difficulties with passing on the role: "The kids who were on the show that first season would not accept me as Gordon. One day there's Hal [Miller] as Gordon and the next day there's this new guy who says he's Gordon... the kids, both on the show and at home... they just assume that we are that person we're playing."[1]

Around 1986, Gordon's surname was revealed in a storyline that involved Gordon teaching some of his students, and the students couldn't address their teacher as "Gordon." Orman suggested "Mr. Robinson," in honor of the original Gordon, Matt Robinson. Gordon was named after photographer-filmmaker Gordon Parks,[2] who directed Shaft.

Actor Garrett Saunders played Gordon in the series' first test show. He was unidentified until a 2011 online campaign launched by Sesame Workshop, seeking to identify the performer.

In flashback sequences, younger versions of Gordon have been portrayed by Eugene Byrd (Episode 2621), Dennis Malcom (Episode 2965), and Chad Hunter (Episode 3199).


  • As a child, Gordon used to play the flute. He takes up the instrument once again in Episode 1666 and was seen playing it from time to time since. In Episode 4067, he is also seen as the guitarist for a rock band with Luis and Bob when they were younger.


Book appearances[]


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