116 gorilla

Bunsen fails to take notice of the gorilla behind him.

The Gorilla Detector is a device presented in episode 116 of The Muppet Show as the latest invention from Muppet Labs by Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. The invention itself is in the shape of a gorilla's face, with lights for "eyes" and a prominent snout and brows. The prop is based on the head of Mecha Kong from the 1967 Japanese film King Kong Escapes.

The device is intended to sound an alarm when a gorilla is approaching; Bunsen observes that many people's vacations were ruined when they were eaten by gorillas. During the demonstration, what appears to be a gorilla enters the lab and proceeds to destroy equipment. Bunsen placidly insists that, as the Gorilla Detector has not sounded, the creature cannot be a real gorilla. The alarm finally goes off, but only after the gorilla has attacked the good doctor.

In 2002, a replica of the Gorilla Detector was included with the Muppet Labs Playset from Palisades Toys. It was later featured as a sticker in a 2012 LittleBigPlanet add-on pack, and as a decoration in My Muppets Show.

The Muppet Mobile Lab has a lever on it labeled "gorilla detector."

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