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1441 Grandma Harriet.jpg
PERFORMER Clarice Taylor
DEBUT 1976
Welcome Grandma.jpg

Grace is David's grandmother on Sesame Street. She lives on a farm, and visits Sesame Street periodically beginning in Episode 0889. She's typically referred to just as "Grandma" (even by the other street residents), but is given the name Grace in Episode 1050 (she is later acknowledged by this name in Episode 1916 and the script for Episode 2598).

When she appears in Episode 0972, she doesn't get an enthusiastic welcome at first because nobody had time to help Big Bird put up a "Welcome Grandma" sign. During her visit, she argues with David about whether the country is better than the city, and she plays hopscotch with Mr. Hooper.

Grace appeared on the show through season 20. In Episode 2620 (season 21), it was stated that David moved away from the street and onto her farm to help run it.


  • The original script for Episode 1421 refers to the character as "Grandma Hobson" (additionally reflected in its associated Script Highlight), suggesting this is her last name. However, the name is not acknowledged in the scripted dialogue or any other episode.