PERFORMER Kevin Clash female
  Brian Henson male
DEBUT 1991

Grapdelites are adorable and delicious mammals. In fact, they're so delicious, that almost all of them have been eaten. In dinosaur culture, grapdelites are the traditional gift for a 20th wedding anniversary.

Earl Sinclair buys a pair of grapdelites for his anniversary in a second season Dinosaurs episode, "Endangered Species" -- and it turns out that those are the last two grapdelites left on the Earth.

Back in Roy's childhood, grapdelites cost 99 cents for a dozen, but Earl has to pay $8.99 for each.

While they're waiting to be slaughtered and cooked, the intelligent and thoughtful animals make friends with Robbie Sinclair, teaching him about the value of protecting endangered species. They have very positive and agreeable views and thoughts on everything, such as obeying parents, children, homework assignments, anniversaries, and caution on preventing a species' extinction.

The Grapdelite puppets were reused in "When Food Goes Bad" and "Nature Calls".

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