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Pantone colors described in the character style guide.

The Green Anything Muppet is a green rod puppet with a conically-shaped head used on Sesame Street. Pantone 375 is used to define the color, officially referred to in the 1979 company style guide as a "yellow green." The most frequent designation for the collective pattern in the guides, however, is simply Green. It was designed by Jim Henson and built by Don Sahlin and Caroly Wilcox in 1969.[1]

Sometime in the late 1980s, the shade of green on the puppet style changed from an almost yellow-green to a paler shade of green. Since the 1990s, a slightly darker green variant has been used more commonly. However, the yellow-green version of the puppet is sometimes still used today. Since 2009, a slightly larger, live-hand version has occasionally been used.

Popular Muppets made from the Green pattern include Sherlock Hemlock, Lefty the Salesman, Little Jerry, Clementine and Farley.


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  • The song "Bein' Green" is sometimes credited simply as "Green."