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Kermit is hidden in this mock poster.

On May 20, 2011, a teaser trailer for The Muppets was released to accompany the opening of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The trailer was released online as an ad for the fictitious film Green with Envy starring Jason Segel, Amy Adams, and Chris Cooper. Gregg Alexander's song "You Get What You Give" is used in the soundtrack.

In the first teaser trailer, it at first gives it the tone of the romance Green With Envy, until Kermit appears inside a door. The announcer sounds confused ("Kermit the F...frog?"). Miss Piggy then appears and the announcer again sounds confused, though applying more emphasis to this fact ("Miss Piggy?!"). Finally, Gary halts the process, "Are there Muppets in this movie?", now surrounded by Muppets. Kermit replies, "Well, yeah", and the trailer goes on to show short clips from the film and the logo appears. Crazy Harry blows it up, and Fozzie says that it was an expensive-looking explosion (he can't believe they had it in the budget).

Disney's online promotion for the film used the faux guise of a romantic comedy called "Green With Envy"; this includes a mock poster for the film (with a hidden Kermit in the image), a Facebook page[1] and uploading the theatrical trailer online on May 20, 2011 under the name "Green With Envy." on an original Youtube channel.[2] Starting May 23, the trailer was available for viewing on On May 24, the trailer was uploaded to the MuppetsStudio's Youtube channel. On May 25, the trailer was added to the opening page of

A second trailer for a fictitious film, The Fuzzy Pack, was released the following week.

The trailer itself was spoofed in The Final Muppets Parody Trailer.



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