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Statler and Waldorf compare Milton Berle to Gregory Peck.

Gregory Peck (1916-2003) was an American actor who appeared in such films as To Kill a Mockingbird, Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound, The Omen, and different roles in two versions each of Cape Fear (1962 and 1991) and Moby Dick (as Ahab in 1956, and as Father Mapple in the 1998 version with Patrick Stewart).


Statler: Hey Berle, you know what? I've just figured out your style.
Milton Berle: Really?
Statler: You work like Gregory Peck.
Milton Berle: I...? Gregory Peck's not a comedian.
Statler: Well?
  • He was listed by Gonzo in a questionnaire for The Muppet Show Fan Club Newsletter volume 2, number 3, as his favorite hero (while listing other admired people with chicken or egg-based names).

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