A map showing Grouchtown in relation to Sesame Street (Episode 2648).

Grouchytown is a town populated entirely by Grouches, as seen on Sesame Street.

The town is the total antithesis of Sesame Street in every way, such as having a Break-It Shop instead of a Fix-It Shop. The population is also an inverse of Sesame Street, where the town's Grouch population is marred by one, pleasant, human resident - Nina the Nice. Other hot spots in the town include Worby's Store (the Grouch interpretation of Hooper's) and a stinkweed swamp.

The town was initially alluded to in Episode 2538, where three Grouch residents of the town (Velma, Otto and Worby) tour Sesame Street to experience what a non-Grouchy neighborhood is like. Oscar and Bob later made their own pilgrimage to Grouchytown in Episode 2648.

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