Written by Anna Ross
Illustrator Tom Leigh
Published 1992
Publisher Random House
ISBN 0679813845

Grover's 10 Terrific Ways to Help Our Wonderful World is a 1992 Sesame Street book featuring Grover.

Grover the World Ranger informs the reader that the world is a wonderful place. It gives us everything that we need to live -- food, water and air. So it's up to us to take care of the world, and Grover has ten ways we can help.

  1. Elmo and Herry Monster plant a tree.
  2. Big Bird, Juliet, and Cookie Monster feed the birds (including Hoots), deer and squirrels.
  3. Luis fixes broken things at the Fix-It Shop, instead of throwing them away.
  4. Ernie and Bert don't waste water.
  5. Telly Monster, Count von Count, Betty Lou and Cookie Monster save electricity and gas.
  6. Ernie and Bert use old things rather than throwing them out. Oscar the Grouch is particularly good at this.
  7. Snuffy gives his old sweaters to little sister Alice, and Elmo will give his tricycle to Baby Natasha.
  8. Prairie Dawn packs her bag in a lunchbox instead of a plastic bag, Bert uses a sponge instead of paper towels, and Big Bird brings his own shopping bag to the store.
  9. Everybody goes to the park to pick up litter.
  10. The whole street recycles bottles, cans and newspapers.

Grover is happy that everybody is working to help the world.

In 2010, Moving Picture Books narrated the story and animated the illustrations. They released it for digital download with Bob asking reading comprehension questions at the end of the story.


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