Written by Liza Alexander
Illustrator Tom Cooke
Published 1988
Publisher Golden Press
Series Get Ready Learning Series
ISBN 0307131084

In Grover's Amazing Dream, the title character awakens one morning and tells his mommy about an intriguing dream he has just had. He had dreamed of having a variety of adventures out in nature. He had canoed into a jungle and swung on the vines, trekked through a mucky swamp and watched a snake slither up a tree, sledded down a snowy mountain and gone ice skating on the pond, and explored a forest, listening to the sounds of wildlife and camping out there. Grover's mom gradually realizes that her son's dream has spawned from a handful of books he had read the night before.


The subtitle for this book is "A Storybook Introducing New Words". Accordingly, the narrative uses many descriptive words to illustrate the story. The book comes with a note to parents, explaining the intent to help children improve their vocabulary.

During the entire Winter sequence of the dream, Grover is accompanied by a large white rabbit who climbs the mountain, sleds down it, and goes ice skating with him. Curiously enough, Grover makes no mention of him and talks as if he were alone. He is referenced only in the title of the book that inspired that part of the dream, "The Snow Bunny".

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