Written by Patricia Thackray
Illustrator Joe Ewers
Published 1995
Publisher Random House
Series A Random House PICTUREBACK Book
ISBN 0679878637

Grover, Messenger of Love is a 1995 Sesame Street storybook.

When Grover, in a Cupid-type role, finds the princess Lucretia crying because her father has built a wall that separates her from her lover, Lorenzo, she can't even send him the love letter she wrote. "Grover, Messenger of Love" offers to deliver the letter, and a goat butts him, sending him flying over the wall. Lorenzo is very happy, but wishes to send back a trunk of jewels. He sends Grover back to Lucretia using a see-saw. Lucretia is delighted with the gift, and produces a full-sized picture of herself to send back to Lorenzo. The increasingly tired Grover wants to rest, but she sends him back to Lorenzo using a velvet swing. A delighted Lorenzo has just had fruit tarts baked for Lucretia because they are her favorite. He immediately sends Grover back across to Lucretia with them, and this time Grover lands in a pond. Tired and wet, Grover now finds Lucretia has a full suit of armor for Lorenzo. She tells him to jump over the wall but he crashes through it instead. The two lovers unite through the Grover-shaped hole. As the exhausted and wet Grover tries to head home to his mommy for a nap, they ask him to deliver invitations to a celebratory party.

This story first appeared in The Sesame Street Bedtime Storybook, illustrated by Joe Mathieu.

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