Grover Knover as seen in The Sesame Street Circus of Opposites.

Grover Knover is Grover's daredevil alter ego, a spoof of the famous stunt performer Evel Knievel. Grover Knover first appeared in the 1974 prime-time special Out to Lunch. Kermit the Frog interviewed Grover Knover for Sesame Street News, as Knover prepared to jump over a chasm.[1]

He has since made appearances in several Sesame Street books, including Watch Out for Banana Peels, in which he demonstrated the importance of wearing a crash helmet when getting shot out of a cannon.

Grover also played a motorcycle daredevil in the View-Master reel "Shapes, Colors, and Sizes."

In 2010, a Grover Knover t-shirt was produced. Grover later revisited this alter ego in a segment from the second season of Kinect Sesame Street TV.


In his first appearance in Out to Lunch, Grover Knover wears a green and purple jumpsuit. In his subsequent book appearances, he wears a white jumpsuit with red stars.

Illustrated appearances


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