Grover stays up very very late
Written by Susan Rich Brooke
Illustrator Tom Brannon
Published 2004
Publisher Publications International
Series Story Reader
ISBN 1412701643

Grover Stays Up Very Very Late is a 2004 Sesame Street Story Reader book. The book came with a cartridge for the Story Reader toy; Grover was performed by Eric Jacobson, with original music composed by Curtis Marolt.

Grover is in bed, wearing his jammies... but he's not going to sleep. Instead, he's going to stay up very, very late. He wants to know what his Mommy does after he goes to sleep, but he doesn't know how to stay awake past his bedtime. He tries to imagine what his Mommy does at night -- maybe she has a big party with chocolate cake, or she goes to watch a movie and eat popcorn.

Grover struggles to stay awake -- he doesn't want to count sheep, so he tries counting monkeys. But then the monkeys fall asleep...

Grover shakes himself awake, and tries to imagine what his Mommy might be up to -- maybe she's playing baseball, or she's swinging from a trapeze at the circus! Finally, he tiptoes out of his room to see what his Mommy is doing downstairs. It turns out that she was sitting in an armchair reading a book, but now she's fallen asleep in her chair.

Grover decides that sleeping is a very, very good idea, and gets back into bed for a little nap.

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