Written by Emily Thompson
Illustrator Tom Cooke
Published 1987
Publisher Golden Press
Series A Little Golden Book
ISBN 0307109100

Grover Takes Care of Baby is a 1987 Sesame Street Little Golden Book featuring Grover.

When Grover runs into Marsha and her baby brother Max, Grover wishes that he too had a baby to help take care of. Walking home he imagines all the things he could do with the baby, including letting it play with his toys, playing Super Grover with the buildings they build together, even learning to play The Itsy Bitsy Spider together.

Grover imagines that he could help his Mommy give the baby a bath, or feed it, and she could read them both Monster Goose stories.

When he gets home, he finds out that his Aunt Betsy and Uncle Ralph are bringing his baby cousin Emily over, and he'll be able to actually help take care of the baby.


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