The evolution of Grover.

Image As seen in / Year Notes
The Ed Sullivan Show
A character called "Gleep" makes an appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. He has a small red nose and greenish-brown fur.
Rock and-Roll Monster and Fuzzyface
The Muppets on Puppets
One of the puppet's brief appearances in The Muppets on Puppets, as the middle head of the Rock and Roll Monster.
Sesame Street
Season 1
In the first season of Sesame Street, the puppet appears as a nameless character that would eventually evolve into Grover. Kermit refers to him as both "Fuzzy-face" and "The Hairy One," but neither are used for his actual name (see "Fuzzyface"). His voice and behavior is slightly more abrasive than the Grover known today, but he tries to be helpful. The colors of his fur and nose have faintly paled with age. Midway through the season, his red nose is replaced with an orange one. A few years later, the puppet would be used in one sketch as Grover's Mommy.
Sesame Street
Season 2
The character is introduced as Grover in the first episode of Season 2. He gains his familiar blue fur, a pink nose, and a rounder lower jaw.
Sesame Street
Season 6
This Grover puppet is proportionally larger; he has noticeably larger hands and a taller, rounder head. His eyes are slightly more tilted, with bigger pupils. Also, Grover’s arms are placed lower to his body, revealing his shoulders.
Sesame Street
The design is basically the same, with some minor alterations in eye placement, head shape, and the size of both his nose and pupils. Grover's fur is often groomed, combed and matted down more. His fingers become less loose as the puppet gains more armatured hands.
Jimmy Kimmel Live
Grover’s current design bears resemblance to the 1974-1976 puppet, with his fur becoming slightly shaggier, as well as a brighter shade of blue, and his eyes further slanted.

In 2013, a variation of this version was made, with looser fingers akin to his early 1970s build. This change was made at the suggestion of Eric Jacobson.[1]


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