Grover and the package shape and tape
Written by Michaela Muntean
Illustrator Carol Nicklaus
Published 1994
Publisher Golden Books
ISBN 0307143538

Grover and the Package is a 1994 Sesame Street book and tape set featuring Grover. It was later reissued by Sony Wonder, with a catalog number of LT 67253.


Grover is outside enjoying a busy day, when a delivery boy passing on a bike drops a package from his backpack. Grover picks up the package and calls to the delivery boy who does not hear him, and continues on his way. Determined to return the package, Grover chases after the delivery boy, encountering obstacles such as work zones, moving men, and crossing guards, and getting directions from a hot dog vendor and street musician when he loses sight of the delivery boy.

He finally catches up to the delivery boy and hands over the package. The boy thanks him, and notes that he'd better deliver the package right away; it's addressed to Grover Monster on Sesame Street. A startled Grover says that he is Grover monster so the boy passes back the package, happy that the delivery was so easy. Exhausted, Grover reflects that the next time he wants to be helpful he will read before he runs.


  • All of the characters in the story except for Grover are drawn as unknown Anything Muppet people.