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Only Five
Episode 0462
Only five people are allowed on the elevator at one time, so Grover counts out five passengers. But then he's not allowed on the elevator himself; he would make six.
Front and Back
Episode 0469
Grover demonstrates front and back by telling the passengers on his elevator where to stand. (Guy Smiley appears in this sketch - he doesn't have any dialogue, but Grover addresses him as "Mr. Smiley".)
In and Out
Episode 0511
Demonstration of in and out by Grover. People prepare to ride the elevator, but Grover annoys them by the "in" and "out" lessons. Soon Grover lets them into the elevator without him, but they can't go up or down without an operator, so they break out and take the stairs instead. (features Farley, Roosevelt Franklin, and a Mr. Johnson-esque Fat Blue AM, played by Jim Henson.)

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