Walk-around costumed version of Grover created for stage and public appearances, including Sesame Street Live and Sesame Place (debuted in 1988)[1] Furnished by VEE Corporation.

Grover also appears at SeaWorld Orlando, Busch Gardens Europe, Busch Gardens Africa, Universal Studios Japan (since 2003) and Universal Studios Singapore.

Full Body Puppet/Costume Year Stage Production Notes
SuperGroverSSL 1981 Sesame Street Live
BigBirdOscarGroverSSL 1983 Sesame Street Live
Sesameplacegrover 2000s Sesame Place walk-around
Sesameplace6 Sesame Place walk-around Darker blue, not as shaggy.
Sgreadyforaction 2005 Sesame Street Live: Super Grover! Ready for Action! The costume weighs 25 pounds.[2]
Sesame Place Super Grover Sesame Place walk-around
Grover-Walk-Around-2009 2009 Busch Gardens Europe walk-around Rounder head, costumed.
Sesame Street Live 07-0
2018 C is for Celebration! walk-around


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