Seaver siblings on Shalom Sesame

Growing Pains is a family sitcom that ran on ABC from 1985 until 1992.


  • In the 1990-1991 episodes of Shalom Sesame, Jeremy Miller (Ben Seaver) was a frequent guest host, playing himself. In the ninth episode, "Aleph-Bet Telethon," he and Tracey Gold appeared, with Miller referring to Gold as "my sister" (referring their relationship on Growing Pains), implying that they're appearing in character.


  • In the episode "Feet of Clay", Ben Seaver finds out that his favorite rock star isn't such a nice guy after meeting him, and decides to stop being a fan. At one point, dad Jason compares this to the time when Ben learned that Kermit the Frog isn't real. Ben said that as a result, he couldn't get himself to watch Sesame Street for awhile.


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