Taminella peers into the Grunch's cell.
PERFORMER Jim Henson voice
DEBUT 1962

Grunch is a creature that is heard, but not seen, in the 1962 pilot for Tales of the Tinkerdee.

His home is a below-ground cell in Taminella Grinderfall's lair. He is established to have an extremely limited vocabulary, only able to say grumble and growl his name with varying inflections.

Taminella affectionally refers to him as "Grunchie" and properly feeds him dining room chairs (which he eats 75 of for breakfast). Taminella advises the audience that Grunch's visual form is too horrible to see, and realizes it's just as horrible to describe as she tries doing so. As she begins scheming to crash Princess Gwendolinda's birthday party, she promises to return with some birthday cake for Grunch.