Guffrey the Vulture
PERFORMER Bill Barretta
DEBUT 1994

Guffrey the Vulture appeared in episode 112 of The Animal Show. He tries to convince Stinky the Skunk that vultures aren't bad creatures, just misunderstood.

However, he appeared in a more ravenous mood in Episode 312: Honey Bee & Honey Possum, when the show is nominated for an award for the "Best Animal Program Hosted by a Skunk and Polar Bear." If Stinky and Jake lose the award, Guffrey and the other judges Travis the African Buffalo and Sly the Crocodile would eat them.

The puppet later appeared on Muppets Tonight episode 109 (in which he is performed by Jerry Nelson), and Mopatop's Shop episode 111 as a nameless vulture.

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