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Gulag 38B (known simply as "the gulag" or "the big house" or "la casa grande") is a Russian prison labor camp located in Siberia, Russia and featured in the film Muppets Most Wanted. The camp, which has been in service since 1932, houses a wide range of convicts, from petty criminals to murderers, thieves and advanced criminal masterminds. The gulag is run by Nadya.

Constantine was a prisoner of the gulag before breaking out to switch places with Kermit the Frog and attempting to steal the crown jewels; after Constantine and Dominic Badguy's plans are foiled, and the two find themselves back in the gulag. The gulag's management is proud of their eclectic clientele; other prisoners include The Prison King, Big Papa, The Great Escapo, Prisoner One, Miss Poogy, Carl, Pops, Angel Marie, Black Dog, Blind Pew, Calico, One-Eyed Jack, Spotted Dick, Walleye Pike, and Danny Trejo, plus several rats and various unnamed Frackles and humans. One prisoner with a beautiful singing voice is held in a steel maximum security holding cell. Ivan is one of the prison's guards.

Uncooperative prisoners are often punished by having to serve time on "the wall," a large outdoor surface where the individuals are stuck to the cold metal surface of the wall and exposed to the harsh Siberian elements.

Each year the gulag holds the "Gulag Annual Revue Show" to help prevent rioting.

According to Nadya, prisoners will "never get away" and she holds "the only key." Escape attempts are common (the most common being tunneling, sneaking out with the laundry, and climbing out through the toilet). However Nadya has a Netflix account and has seen every prison escape movie ever (even the ones in space) and foils most escapes. Her taser prevents the Great Escapo from making a run for it and Ivan shoots at Kermit as he tries to escape (although it wasn't personal). Despite this, Constantine was able to escape from the gulag and Kermit the Frog (with the help of Fozzie Bear, Walter and Animal) was able to pull off the biggest prison escape in history with the aide of a clever musical number. According to a deleted scene, one of the gulag's weaker security points is its fourth wall and a way to escape would include simply breaking the fourth wall.

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