Home video releases of Gulliver's Travels.

VHS Releases

Cover Year Distributor Notes
1996 Hallmark Home Entertainment The complete production, on two VHS tapes. While the entire story is present, including scenes edited from the TV version, the opening and closing credits are altered, to include performers from the entire production and not just each part.

DVD Releases

Cover Year Distributor Notes
2000 Hallmark Home Entertainment

Single disc featuring a letter-boxed version of Gulliver's Travels and bonus features. Rather than allowing for continuous playing, though, it too is divided in parts, as "Book One" and "Book Two," with individual credit sequences, closer to those used on television.

Disc Features

  • Cast & Crew Biographies
  • Making of Gulliver's Travels - a 23 minute documentary
  • Production Notes
  • Gulliver's Adventures- Interactive Trivia Game
2008 Genius Products

Single disc featuring an enhansed widescreen version of Gulliver's Travels and bonus features.

Disc Features

  • 'Making Of' segment
  • Interviews with the cast
  • Never-before-seen footage on the set
  • Photo gallery, casting notes, drawing and other tidbits from behind the scenes