"Gunko" is one of the fifteen unaired episodes of the short-lived series, Little Muppet Monsters. The episode was not completed before the series was canceled, but is known to feature "Fozzie's Comedy Corner," Gonzo's "Weird Than Me" (showing unique inventions) and animated segments of "Pigs in Space," "Muppet Labs" and "Kermit the Frog, Private Eye." It also features the original song, "Gunko."

Tug Monster announces a new sponsor for The Little Muppet Monsters Show - Gunko, a strange product that's been sitting around in the basement and none of the monsters know what it's used for. Tug tries to find the perfect use for it, using up all the bottles. Nicky Napoleon and His Emperor Penguins return from their break, shocked to see all their Gunko is gone. Nicky informs Tug that Gunko is a potent walrus repellent and the penguins are doomed without it. He phones the South Pole to order another case, asking Tug to be billed.

The band and Tug stay on walrus patrol until the delivery shows up. The delivery man happens to be a walrus, who points out that Gunko isn't walrus repellent - it's used for shining trumpets. The penguins invite him to sit in for the closing tune, while Tug faints at the sight of the bill.